We are a small group of residents twinned with Trevieres in Normandy

We hold events throughout the year to raise funds so that we can entertain our French friends every other year

Our guests enjoy family time with our members who provide the accommodation while they are here.

We also take our guests on visits and there is always a formal reception and a formal meal during the weekend.

Every other year we visit Normandy where the Trevieres twinners entertain us in the same way.

We hold a committee meeting the first Monday of each month. We always welcome new members, if you would like more information please contact

Dot Simmons (Chair) – dotsimmons21@hotmail.com

Or support one of our events and have a chat, we’re a friendly group.

Below you’ll find a slideshow of photos from our 2017 visit, this was a special event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Treviere’s first visit to the village.More photos will be added as members send them in. 

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This is a copy of an article, forwarded by John Earnshaw, one of our members, to the press describing the weekend’s events.

Twinning Group Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Normandy Exchange.

Thursday 27th April saw the start of a weekend of celebration for Stokeinteignhead Twinning Association when 22 visitors from Trevieres Association de Jumelage were received by its family members.

This two year cycle has been happening for 40 years since1976, it could be taken to be a mini Entente Cordiale.

The original Entente Cordiale was following an initiative by King Edward VII and President Loubet of France in April 1904 when the rivalry and conflict between them, over several centuries, came to an end.

Having raised the funds from varying sources members organised the programme of events occupying two full days of activity.

The first day started with a visit to Cothay Manor near Wellington close to the Devon/Somerset border where the group was welcomed by the Robb family who served coffee in the Gate House. This was followed by tour of the house in two groups with English and French speaking guides who recounted many facets of this Grade I listed building of medieval origins which still remains a private residence.

Following light lunch for many the culmination of the visit was a conducted tour of the gardens designed and implemented on the styles of Sissinghurst and Hidcote. This was led by the owner Mrs Mary Ann Robb, given in two languages, her knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject was immense. A number of the group, including French visitors, were keen and accomplished gardeners whose enthusiasm resoundingly echoed right to the end of the visit when they had the opportunity of wandering at will through it. Whilst it was explained to be primarily a summer garden it was nevertheless a day much enjoyed with the hope of enjoying it in another season.

Evening entertainment was in the form of a Ceilidh Dance at the Village Hall complete with Caller who aided the group to learn and partake in dances old and new. Two French visitors gave an excellent demonstration of their version of the “Argentine Tango” to the glee of those present.

The second day was less busy but as important commencing with a reception at the Stokeinteignhead Village Hall where the usual formalities of speeches, exchange of gifts and tree planting occurred. The principal guests were the Chairman of Stokeinteignhead Parish Council Councillor W. Dagworthy, the Lady Mayor Trevieres Mirelle Dufour, Chairperson of Stokeinteignhead Twinning Association Cathy French, President de Jumelage Jocelyne Teree who carried out a formal unveiling of a plaque commemorating the 40 years of Twinning. The day ended with a Formal Dinner at Dainton Golf Club where each family was given a commemorative enamelled medal the obverse having the flags of Calvados and Devon, the reverse with the dates of the association.

On Sunday morning the visitors left by coach to embark on the ferry for their journey home whilst the Stokeinteignhead Committee prepared to organise fund raising for the next two year cycle.

The association is quite small in numbers and continually seeks to increase its membership, be they young or old. There is no need to speak French but it helps. For further information call the chairperson on 01626 873394.