Aims of the Association

Stokeinteignhead Twinning Association was established in 1976 by a group of local residents with the following aims and objectives:
(a) To promote and foster friendship and understanding between the people of Stokeinteignhead and surrounding areas and those of Trévières and district in France according to the principles of our Charter.
(b) To encourage and facilitate visits by individuals and groups to and from Trévières and the development of personal contacts, and, by so doing, to broaden the mutual understanding of the activities of the two communities.(c)  To organise fund raising and social activities to foster the aims of the Association.

What we do….

We organise a diverse programme of social events throughout the year to raise funds for the Association in order to host our visitors from our twinned community of Trévières in Normandy on a biennial basis.  In the intervening years we visit Trévières for a long weekend, usually in the spring.  We also maintain links and participate in the activities of other twinning groups in the local area.

How to join…..

We welcome anyone interested in furthering the aims of our association.  You are encouraged to come along to one of our meetings or open events to get to know more about our Association.  For further information contact Cathy French:

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