The Charter

We the representatives of Trévières and of the twinning committee of Stokeinteignhead,
Freely elected by the votes of our fellow citizens,
Deem it necessary to maintain and develop the bonds which unite Trévières and Stokeinteignhead.
We proclaim officially the Union of Our Two Towns, and,
We have decided to initiate exchanges of a cultural, touristic, economic, social and sporting nature and exchanges between schools and families in order thereby to foster feelings of friendship and good understanding.
We undertake to work together for the success of this enterprise which will be an example of cooperation and unity between the French and English peoples.
To witness whereof we have signed this Charter at Trévières on the seventeenth of April nineteen seventy seven.
Signed by               Chairman of Stokeinteignhead Twinning Committee
Chairman of Stokeinteignhead Parish Council
Secretary of Stokeinteignhead Twinning Committee
And the following have signed with us….

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