Our visit 2014

Twinning trip to Trevieres
Another visit has been made by the Twinning association to our friends in Trevieres. Again we were made welcome by our hosts and other members of the community. On Saturday we were taken to Caen where, after a meal at “La Neustrie” we visited The two Abbeys built by William the conquerer and the castle. Sunday saw the official reception at the Mairie presided over by the mayor and his council. We presented a framed picture of photographs of our village as our gift and were given a book about entitled Voyage en Normandie in return. After this there was of course another meal to be had, this time at “La Maree” at Grandcamps-Maisy followed by a free afternoon and then a party and buffet at the village hall.
We are looking forward to entertaining the French when they come to visit us next year and 2016 will mark forty years of twinning between the two countries and already plans are being made to mark this.
We would like to thank the school for allowing us to use the minibus so that those who did not want to drive would be able to join us, a wonderful time was had by all.
Jill Connole
Two comments from our newest members.
“As new members of the Twinners we did not know quite what to expect. We had a marvellous time, our hosts are now good friends and we enjoyed the English and French companionship.  We recommend this experience wholeheartedly.
Dot Simmons
“A whole holiday in four days; a fantastic experience, good food, good company, lots of laughing. Perfect”
Clive and Pam Rees

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